Stem cell collection: What to do on the day

You’ve chosen to store your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells, the collection kit is ready – but what exactly happens on the day you give birth? At Future Health Biobank, the sample collection process is managed for you. It’s straightforward, efficient and never interferes with the third stage of labour or birth.

As extra reassurance, you can opt for delayed cord clamping alongside cord blood banking. A small fraction of cord blood is required  to collect your baby’s sample and cryogenically store it for decades to come.

To ensure your baby’s stem cell collection goes smoothly, here’s what you should know.

What to bring

Alongside your collection kit, you will receive sticker to affix to your birth notes and a copy of the letter we sent to your hospital. You will need to bring these with you on the big day. Please ensure the sticker is stuck to the front of your birth notes, and the collection kit remains unopened.

Alerting your midwife

We will provide you with a healthcare professional on the day to pick up your baby’s collected sample. You will find their contact details on your confirmation email. When labour begins, immediately call or text your assigned professional.

Collecting the sample

The midwife attending your birth will collect your umbilical cord and maternal blood sample after the birth is ready. Then they will safely place the sample inside the collection kit next to your hospital bed.

After the birth

Once your baby is born, text your assigned professional, who will collect your baby’s sample from the hospital and arrange for its transport to the Future Health labs in Nottingham UK.